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Director's Welcome


Ursela Garvin, M.A.T, NBCT

STEMbotics Director

Welcome to STEMbotics Learning Center! We are the #1 mobile and global robotics summer camp program in the Las Vegas Valley. We hope you and your child are prepared for an intense and engaging week in robotics and agriculture!  Students will have the opportunity to build and program robots that improve the quality of our food or the efficiency of the farming process.  Students will be further immersed in robotics & agriculture through quality field trips.  I've had the pleasure of working in STEM education for 17 years! I hope to share my passion for agriculture, robotics and programming with your child! We look forward to working with you and your child this school year!


STEMbotics Learning Center is dedicated to ensuring equity in education for all of students no matter their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.  Through fundraising and grant writing we hope to continue the tradition of affordable and accessible robotics education for students all across the world.


Mission:  To inspire and educate tomorrow's STEM leaders on how to ethically grow and sustain 

healthy foods through the use of robotics and community gardens

Vision:  To innovate global solutions to farming and healthy eating


Core Values: (1) Innovation, (2) Adventure & (3) Environmentalism

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