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STEMbotics Learning Center provides robotics and agriculture summer camps, community events, private lessons and robot rentals for children in grades K-8.  In addition, to a rigorous curriculum and a focus on healthy eating, students will be offered an opportunity to engage in global learning with students from all around the world. Our students will build the best robots to assist us in the important task of growing food. We are the #1 provider of global robotics education in Las Vegas, NV. We're also mobile! We will bring our global robotics program to your school, church or childcare facility! 

Global & Mobile

K-8 Robotics & Agriculture Education 

Our Services

  • Rent-A-Bot

    • Rent a bot for $50 a week! 

    • Includes EV3 Home Edition Robot

    • 5 Building Guides

    • 24 Hour Technical Support via Zoom

    • Kits Are Sanitized After Each Use

  • Virtual Private Building & Programming Lessons

    • $150 a week​

    • Include EV3 Educational Bot

    • 3 hours of virtual instruction per day

    • Virtual Field Trips

    • Guest Speakers

    • 24 Hour Technical Support

    • iPad/Tablet

    • Kits Are Sanitized After Each Use

    • Daily Schedule

  • Robotics & Agriculture Summer Camps

    • $100 a week​

    • Includes EV3 Educational Bot

    • Field Trips

    • Guest Speakers

    • iPad/Tablet

    • Kits Are Sanitized After Each Use

    • Daily Schedule

  • Robotics & Agriculture LEGO Birthday Party!

    • $250

    • 2 hours of programming & building

    • Access to 5 laptops and EV3 robots

Send A Child to Summer Camp!

Here at STEMbotics Learning Center, we believe every child should have an opportunity to engage in robotics and programming. Through our giving campaigns and donations we have been able to provide scholarships to every student who has attended our camp. Please help us to continue to provide camps for our students.

Computer Science, Science, & Math K-12 Standard Connections

Click on the buttons below to view standards taught in each of our courses. 

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Student Testimonials!

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men". ~Frederick Douglas

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